Nowadays I've been thinking about what the point of life is? How should we live? Millions of people lived their lives on Earth,but no one can tell me,noone summarized how to live your life perfectly.No one told us "Son,do this,and this and you will be fine".Maybe there is no such thing as a perfect way.You can't step into the same river twice just as you can't live like you're a different person.You can't make their mistakes,you cant hear their thoughts.
At the same time I was thinking about what we should do when we’re young? Its a crafty question and from a deepest corner of my mind I always ask from myself this again and again.There is always an easier way,and a part of my mind wants to choose that everytime when i arrive to a difficult part of my life.Is it worth to make sacrifices for the future? Or fuck off everyone,we only live once?Somehow,we have to mix these methodologies as the way you think it's the best for you.Today morning I read a lof of old articles that I wrote before I have come here to Denmark.Day by day I got up early,suffered in the job,suffered cus I had to save money.I missed all of the parties,cus I didnt have time and energy.

anyus.jpgI am especially grateful to myself, but of course to God too,because I'm a so fucking tough guy and I tolerated these stuff and it was worth it,because I'm here,where I wanted to be and I do what I wanted to do and I think im on point.But sadly, its not the end of the sacrifices.Its the same old song: not enough money.And I told everything with this.
I dont want anybody to help me.I will solve it I've grown up to the task.But I had to write this down,because of the people,who are jealous and said bad things to me,just because its maybe too good for me.They said I'm full of money cus of my parents,I've got a job,I study in a good academy and I also got a girlfriend.If we list these things,they sound really good.BUT.The school is really difficult,because I still dont speak a good enough English.The job is also dificult,and I have to work 40 hours a week and I don’t even have enough money to  survive.I came to Denmark from my own money, that I worked for,I applied alone,noone helped me.And my girlfriend? We just broke up yesterday,because we have 200km between us and the relationship is like a balance sheet.It has good and bad side.If you can meet only 3days in a month,and all the other time you just feel a big hole in your heart,it doesn't work...

My "favorite" feeling is when you go into the supermarket,and u can see from a long distance,where the ORANGE BUDGET sign is,what symbolizes the poor quality.I hate it.I hate it because everyone sees it when you buy these stuffs.I dont care what people say,but its like the iPhone.Its a status symbol,and the budget sign symbolizes a really shameful status.If I somehow survive until november 1, I wont buy any more budget things.
I heard from a lot of people,that after a while everyone will be homesick.I have big dreams and I always had,so I wont go home because of this.But I realy miss my parents,my sister,my brothers,especially my younger brother.Ahh,maybe I even will cry.It doesnt mean that its a bad feeling,it just means that I love them.

I wrote this article,because in hungary a lot of people think that it's way easier to live here just because im always happy and I never complain about the things.But god damn,its fuckin not easy.Welcome to the world.sad0.gif



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